Who We Are

The WHTO Vision

We envision a dynamic settlement network where all newcomers are welcomed with open hearts and minds, and supported to reach their highest potential for a stronger Canada.


Develop and share insights and personal stories of settlement from diverse perspectives



Create collaborative spaces and opportunities where newcomers and Canadians engaged in settlement efforts can connect, communicate, and collectively work towards a more effective refugee settlement experience



Empower and support community-driven, refugee-focused initiatives



New ideas, new partnerships and new understanding between newcomers, settlement service providers, social innovators, government and Canadians in general



Put Yourself in the Shoes of a Refugee (Spanish)

For our friends around the world: English Póngase en los Zapatos de un Refugiado Translated by/ traducido por Diana Alandete “La violencia sexual en contra de mujeres y hombres es utilizada para forzar confesiones, para extraer información, como castigo y...
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Nour Kaadan

NOUR KAADAN Musician What ESL programs have you used to help improve your language skills?  Language skills were not a barrier for us; we had worked to improve our skills prior arriving to Toronto.  We were prepared mentally for the change in culture and language.  We...
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Get to Know: Read to Speak – Community ESL Bookclub

Our recent report Breaking the Language Barrier, we identified several challenges and needs of English as Second Language curriculum for newcomers. One of main frustrations newcomers had with existing ESL programs was that the “end-points of ESL classes rarely...
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The Words We Use by Emma Bartel

For our friends around the world: Español Türkçe The World University Service of Canada (WUSC) Student Refugee Program brings refugee students to Canada as permanent residents, and provides support for them to continue higher education at one of 83 university campuses...
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BOUND by Against the Grain Theater – What is it about?

We heard about Against the Grain Theater incorporating testimonies of refugees and displaced peoples settlement experience in their new production BOUND.  We wanted to hear more about how they came to create this new performance and why the refugee crisis is the...
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Response to the Auditor General’s Report 3: Settlement Services for Syrian Refugees

“We were concerned about the department’s inability to track whether the Syrian refugees had access to basic provincial services, such as health care and education – especially considering that part of the department’s objective was to help Syrian refugees benefit...
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Barriers to Health Care by Emma Bartel

What does the literature have to say about…  This article is part of a series summarizing research conducted in Canada related to refugee health and settlement. This segment is focused on:   BARRIERS TO HEALTH CARE   Research studies have unveiled a number...
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Get to know Destin AI, Jusoor Disruptor Lab Winner

Destin.ai founder and CEO Nargiz Mammadova  sat down to tell us how she developed her artificial intelligence platform to help newcomers integrate, how it can help Canada become more inclusive and whats on the horizon for Destin.ai.     What does a typical...
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Our weekend at #MigrahackTO

For our friends around the world: Español It’s a gray day in Toronto, with rain pouring on the empty streets downtown. Inside the cozy confines of Mozilla’s Adelaide Street office a group of hackers, facilitated by Bianca Wylie, are reviewing the insights, challenges...
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MCIS Language Solutions to host #MigrahackTO

MCIS Language Solutions will host #MigrahackTO on November 3rd – 5th. This community hackathon brings together journalists, web developers and non-profit organizations. Together they will be educated on visualizing data, the stories behind the numbers and...
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WHTO seems to cut through the red tape and gets at the heart of the real challenges facing newcomers, and inspires and empowers viable, sustainable solutions.

From attending our adult ESL classes, to inviting us to speak at their Month 13 event, WHTO believed in and guided On the Spot Language. Our partnership has resulted in On the Spot Language launching our pilot Newcomer Program.

Language has emerged as one of the most significant challenges for refugees as they are now passed Month 13. The quality of existing ESL programs has repeatedly been a contention in newcomers being able to progress their language skills, and in turn hindering their integration process.

WHTO connects the right people they have done and continue to do so, for On the Spot Language. Not only has WHTO given us a voice, but has continued to motivate and inspire us to keep on fighting the fight and not to give up. 

The entire team at WHTO has supported On the Spot Language believing in what we’re doing to truly help these newcomers to reach their highest potential and to make Canada a stronger country.

Anesh Daya

Founder and Director of Studies, On the Spot Language

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