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Develop and share insights and personal stories of settlement from diverse perspectives.



Create collaborative spaces and opportunities where newcomers and Canadians engaged in settlement efforts can connect, communicate, and collectively work towards a more effective refugee settlement experience.



Empower and support community-driven, refugee-focused initiatives.



Inspire existing and potential settlement supporters to create or adapt innovative solutions to the integration process.

What We’ve Been Up To

BOUND by Against the Grain Theater – What is it about?

BOUND by Against the Grain Theater – What is it about?

We heard about Against the Grain Theater incorporating testimonies of refugees and displaced peoples settlement experience in their new production BOUND.  We wanted to hear more about how they came to create this new performance and why the refugee crisis is the...


“We were concerned about the department’s inability to track whether the Syrian refugees had access to basic provincial services, such as health care and education – especially considering that part of the department’s objective was to help Syrian refugees benefit...

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