Connecting resources, people, and organizations who support refugees

Who We Are

Our Pillars


Empower and support community-driven, refugee-focused initiatives


Build stronger connections between newcomers and the communities and resources they need in order to flourish


Create collaborative spaces and opportunities where refugees, grassroots groups, citizens, businesses, government efforts, academia, and service providers can connect, communicate, and collectively work towards a more effective refugee settlement experience


Develop and inspire innovative tools to connect and navigate newcomer support resources

Our Work


is a digital tool that amalgamates all the resources for refugees and newcomers in the GTA.

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Our Work

Give Help Get Help

a web-based platform to connect those working to provide Syrian refugees with support.

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Our Work

Personal Narratives

sharing the stories of refugees who have arrived to Toronto as well as the communities that have formed around them.

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What We’ve Been Up To

St. Stephen Church

St. Stephen Church

There’s a big crowd waiting at St. Stephen’s door when I arrive. Before long, the crowd has morphed into a line-up that stretches to the end of the block and around the corner. Most of the people who have come out are private sponsors of Syrian refugees; chatter in...


Whats a Canadian way of sharing their culture? Showing newcomers how to ice-skate of course! t.co/qr2jUIdyOJ

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