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In pursuing our mission to connect services in a dynamic and integrated way, WelcomeHomeTO has become a go-to partner for groups and agencies.

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RVezy and the Toubeh Family

After hearing about the Toubeh’s family journey curtesy of RVezy we wanted to know what inspired the company’s intiative and how others can learn from their example. We spoke to Ariella McNaught to find out more! What inspired RVezy to offer this trip to...

Get to know LoveArabic Co-founder & Chief Culture Guide, Waleed Nassar

We sat down for a chat with Co-founder & Chief Culture Guide for LoveArabic Waleed Nassar. We wanted to know more about this initiative and show you the wonderful work happening in Toronto to increase diversity and breaking barriers between neighbors. Hi Waleed,...

Rania Younes, WHTO Co-Founder & Breaking the Language Barrier Panel Discussion moderator, post-event remarks and thanks.

Thanks to everyone who helped organize and run last night’s WelcomeHome.to discussion on Language barriers (and for those of you who came and participated too!) We heard over and over last night “put yourself in their shoes”, so I am sharing this all...

Put Yourself in the Shoes of a Refugee

Put Yourself in the Shoes of a Refugee Islamic State aggressors have decapitated and eviscerated many ladies and kids in terrible assaults on Syrian towns which have left 52 individuals dead. Imagine for a second that you have family in a country we all see as safe...

Why We Remember

Why We Remember The AfD (Alternative for Germany) started in 2013 as a eurosceptic party, opposed to the single currency, but has shifted further to the right, gaining success in state parliaments over the past year through its anti-immigrant rhetoric amid the influx...

Active Citizen Social Enterprise Summit 2017

Active Citizens Social Enterprise Summit  Representing WelcomeHomeTO, I was invited to be 1 of 15 youth, who traveled to Ottawa to attend the Active Citizen Social Enterprise Summit (ACSE) held on Parliament Hill. I had attended the ACSE training in Montreal during...

Understanding and Empowering Grassroots Refugee-Support Move by WHTO co-founder Rania Younes


No New Money: A Call for Civic Action

At the recent Canadian Council for Refugees Refugees Welcome Here: Awareness, Advocacy and Action consultation, the Canadian government made it clear – there is no new money for refugee sponsorship and settlement efforts. If any money is allocated to new...

Masjid Toronto

    Yesterday I attended prayer services at Masjid Mosque in downtown Toronto.  I was there at the invitation of a friend of mine, a newcomer who came to Canada from the Middle East as a refugee. The inspiration for this visit was a chat about Ramadan and...

Where do we go from here? How to respond to hate and xenophobia in a post-factual world

PREFACE: I’ve been reflecting quite a bit about the events of the past few months because it’s been resurfacing a lot of memories and thoughts that I had while doing research on the rise of right-wing populism in relation to refugee policy in Europe. Initially, I...

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