Who We Are


WelcomeHomeTO is a group of professionals from various disciplines with the shared goal of supporting the best settlement experienc for new Canadians, starting with resettled refugees in Toronto.

We began our journey by mapping out the broader settlement sector and researching the lived experiences of refugees, settlement service providers, private sponsors and active citizens. Through this process, we learned that while Canada has a well-established settlement service sector and is a world-leader in enabling citizens to privately sponsor refugees, there are specific areas where improvements can be made.


Our research, interviews and direct participation in settlement activities exposed us to the challenges faced by organizations working with limited resources, the frustrations of volunteers and sponsors trying to navigate a complex labyrinth of agencies, services and contacts and the everyday obstacles that refugees struggle with. We also experienced the incredible good will innovative ideas to be found throughout the settlement sector.

Through our investigations, we concluded that the good will, insight, experience and resources required for an integrated and dynamic settlement system already exist; the challenge is to connect them sustainably. We identified some practical measures that can strengthen Canada’s settlement system, starting with digital support and coordination tools to connect and navigate the existing resources.


As a result of our outreach and facilitation, WelcomeHomeTO has become

a go-to partner for groups and agencies.

WelcomeHomeTO Vision

We envision a dynamic settlement network where all newcomers are welcomed with open hearts and minds,

and supported to reach their highest potential for a stronger Canada.