What We Believe

We believe that our settlement system must be dynamic, combining engaged Canadians, the experience and wisdom of sponsorship agencies, and settlement service providers. A nimble system will ensure refugees/newcomers are set-up for success, and that their communities are able to embrace them as neighbors.

WelcomeHomeTO believes that an integrated system

  • Will have the ability to connect all levels of settlement service providers
  • Adjust to the specific needs of refugees and newcomers
  • Adapt to different and simultaneous displacement crises as they emerge.

Moreover, when government and engaged communities work together to set up newcomers for success, we reinforce our values of inclusion and opportunity for all.


Develop and share insights and personal stories of settlement from diverse perspectives.



Create collaborative spaces and opportunities where newcomers and Canadians engaged in settlement efforts can connect, communicate, and collectively work towards a more effective refugee settlement experience.



Empower and support community-driven, refugee-focused initiatives.



Inspire existing and potential settlement supporters to create or adapt innovative solutions to the integration process.