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WHTO seems to cut through the red tape and gets at the heart of the real challenges facing newcomers, and inspires and empowers viable, sustainable solutions.

From attending our adult ESL classes, to inviting us to speak at their Month 13 event, WHTO believed in and guided On the Spot Language. Our partnership has resulted in On the Spot Language launching our pilot Newcomer Program.

Language has emerged as one of the most significant challenges for refugees as they are now passed Month 13. The quality of existing ESL programs has repeatedly been a contention in newcomers being able to progress their language skills, and in turn hindering their integration process.
WHTO connects the right people they have done and continue to do so, for On the Spot Language. Not only has WHTO given us a voice, but has continued to motivate and inspire us to keep on fighting the fight and not to give up. 
The entire team at WHTO has supported On the Spot Language believing in what we’re doing to truly help these newcomers to reach their highest potential and to make Canada a stronger country.”


Anesh Daya

Founder, Director of Studies

“WelcomeHomeTO was MCIS’ partner in hosting our first ever community hackathon on Migrahack data, called MigrahackTO.

Craig was always there to help, provided great insight, and helped us make the event a success. He had wonderful contacts to connect us with, such as mentors and volunteers, who were the foundation of success for the event.

Kitty from WHTO really helped us be prepared and helped us utilize social media as much as possible for outreach.

WHTO also provided a great perspective on the refugee situation in Canada, and provided useful information and shared stories which helped people understand the reality of the situation at Migrahack.

Zoya Khan

Social Impact and PR Coordinator at MCIS Language Solutions