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For our friends around the world:

By Diana Alandete

Wasaga Beach is located approximately two hours north of Toronto y Mississauga, very close to Collingwood and Blue Mountain, around 150 kilometers depending on the route you decide to take.

Wasaga beach has 14 kilometers of white sandy beaches and fresh warm water. It is known as the longest freshwater beach in the world.

On the third weekend of August this year 2019, I visited Wasaga with my friends and a cousin of mine, who recently came from Colombia to live in Canada, and I wanted to welcome her taking her to a trip to these well-known touristic places close to home.

On that particular weekend we went to the main beaches, which were full of tourists enjoying the sun, the beach, and playing and bathing in the lake.  On that same trip, we visited Blue Mountain and Collingwood the previous day on Saturday, and we stayed in a motel overnight in Collingwood.

There are several roads to get to Wasaga Beach from Toronto and Mississauga.  The best route to enjoy the beauty of nature and avoid traffic is Not to take the Highways.  We went down the Airport Road route, and the road was very scenic.

It is a lovely trip to enjoy the scenery of the road and the farms of the area with its large crops, and the collection of dry bails of hay to prepare for the winter season.  The only thing against this route is that if you need to have a drink, or rest for a moment, you cannot find a place to go, except for a single stop all the way.  So, you have to be creative if you have to go to the bathroom!  However, it is all worth it to take this road for its fascinating landscapes.

I love Wasaga so much that I went back the following long weekend at the end of August, but this time I went with a friend.

When we arrived in Wasaga, we entered into two of the main Provincial Parks.  In order to be able to access the provincial parks you have to pay $21 dollars, and once you pay in one of those parks, you have access to All the provincial parks of Wasaga, as long as the permit is used on that same day. It is really worth paying the admission cost to the park, since the beaches of the provincial parks have very wide and white sandy beaches, and there is plenty of available space to rest or walk in the sand. They are not as crowded with tourists as on the main beaches of Wasaga, which I find very busy for my taste. I personally enjoy much more the quieter places.

In one of the Provincial Parks, we had a picnic with some food that we brought in a Cooler.  My friend and I relaxed sitting down, reading and chatting, walking in long paths under the shadow of trees.  It was a delight to sit and admire the scenery, the beauty of the white shiny sandy beaches, and the Nottawasaga Bay.  I was delighted to be able to sit quietly to read a magazine or a book, feel the gentle and cool breeze, listen to the sound of the waves, and not worry absolutely about anything except for the seagulls, who were always waiting for me to give them something to eat.  However, if I fed one of them, a hundred more seagulls appear in a matter of seconds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWpHECUXmiQ

Wasaga is a very long beach divided into six numbered sections, depending on what you want to do.  One of the beach areas in the main part of Wasaga, is full of different kinds of little stores of beach wear, fast food restaurants, bars, games, and amusement park for children, and many other things.

Parking the car in the main parking area on that main beach, costs between $5 to $10 dollars, and you can stay all day.  Many people prefer this area, because just by crossing the street, few steps from the beach, they find many fast food restaurants. On this main area of the beach, there is an extended trail for walking and cycling that runs the entire length of the Beach.  There is a division along the entire trail that separates it from the car lanes, which makes you feel safe on your walk.

Other beach areas in Wasaga have beautiful sites to relax under the big trees and prepare a barbecue or enjoy a picnic with family and friends.  These areas are located within the Provincial Parks, which I like the most, because they are quieter and not so busy areas.  It gives me a lot of joy to see large groups of families sharing and enjoying a meal together that they bring with them, or cook in the moment on the portable grills they also bring with them.  I love to see them having fun together, laughing, chatting, or playing with a ball or frisbee, or forming sand figures, and entering the warm water.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWpHECUXmiQ

Another area of Wasaga, which I like as well, is the residential part, which is full of cottages and houses near the Nottawasaga Bay, or along the Nottawasaga River.

A lot of people in Ontario have two homes.  The main house in the city and the summer house to rest during the weekends, or for taking a few weeks off to rest during the summer time.  However, many area residents of the area, have adapted those houses and cottages as their main living house, and have conditioned them to live there all year round for all four seasons, not just for summer.   Wasaga Beach has a lot to offer during the other seasons, like walking on the trails with special snowshoes in the winter, skiing, ice fishing, and many other activities and attractions that can be done in the winter.

One other place I love visiting in Wasaga is the Nottawasaga River.  It is gorgeous!  I enjoy seeing so many boats and canoes passing by, and people doing water skiing, or just sitting in the backyards of their beautiful houses and cottages by the river, resting, eating with their families and friends, and seeing so much beauty.

Wasaga beach is full of places to stay, such as motels, small cabins, cottages, beautiful houses and resorts, or you can stay in campgrounds as well, as there are about nine camping grounds, some for daytime use, and others to stay overnight night as well.

If you want to know more about the different attractions, activities and places to stay on this amazing spot of Wasaga Beaches, please visit the website below for more information.